Atavism is on Steam; Lets you Make Your Own MMO

Whether you are a developer or not, you must have heard that being able to make games on an engine like Unity is a skill worth having.

What if you could make your own MMORPG within an environment that is integrated with the very same Unity Engine?

Neojac Entertainment, a company based in Calgary, Canada is bringing you Atavism. This environment can make it possible for you to make 3D online worlds “regardless of programming knowledge or artistic ability.”

The chief executive officer of Neojac, Jacques Rossouw believes that their product means the need for multi million dollar game development budgets is going to fade. Well, that is surely a huge claim!

Atavism allows game designers to focus on making their game and to not worry about programming. In fact many of our clients have been able to have a prototype within a matter of weeks. You don’t need to have a million dollar budget any more to develop an MMO game. Our team, along with Unity, has already done most of the heavy lifting with pre-designed plugins for every system. All you need to do is setup what stats you want to use with them.

Atavism is now available for purchase on Steam too! In fact, the developers are offering a 15 percent discount if you buy it before January 27, 2015. While the original price is $70, the discount means that you can have it for $59.49. Yeah, about how much it will cost if you buy a AAA title.

If you are wondering where is the real application for Atavism, Neojac is currently making Neo’s Land just for that purpose.

Do you think people will want to spend money on it? Also, do you think the developers can meet their claims of overcoming the need of big moolah?