A Final Fantasy Survey Asks about Mobiles, Feedback and More

We stumbled upon a survey that is being held by Square Enix regarding the Final Fantasy series and it looks like the developers need your help strategizing their next moves.

Here’s what the official Facebook page of the series posted when sharing a link to the survey:

Looking for something to do this afternoon? Why not help us out by completing this quick survey about Final Fantasy games!

So we thought why not dig a little deeper and see what they are aiming for.

It starts with the general questions about your gender, age, location, platforms that you use and the frequency at which you play Final Fantasy games.

However, the question coming up next seem to have been formed with a hope to figure out which of the decisions taken by Square Enix in the past have been correct.

For instance, they inquire about the number of boxed titles you have purchased in the last year as well as the number of digital copies you have bought in the same period. I’m assuming that they are rethinking which ones to prioritize inn the future – or maybe, let loose.

They also ask about the titles you last purchased and the titles you last played but there are other important questions. The next question asks which one of these games have you bought: FFXIV: A Realm Reborn, Lightning Returns: FFXIII, FF X/X-2 HD Remaster and Theatrythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call.

Their next questions seems to be gauging the marketing channels that Square Enix should be using and then there is a question about the genres that interest you and the genre that is your favorite.

In the end they focus on mobile games and the kind of mobile games that fans of the series are playing asking you if you own any mobile device and the games that you play. Now, asking that from a fan of the series does raise a question doesn’t it?

Have you filled out the survey, you should if you are a fan!