Sunset Overdrive Fan Created Character Costume Coming This Week

Last year, Insomniac and Polygon joined forces to give an opportunity to ambitious fans to show their creativity, and work with the devs to bring a post-release DLC to the game.

Fans were asked to send in their designs for a costume, that will be a part of the game after release. Eleven participants were shortlisted from “Be a Designer on Sunset Overdrive Contest” and Polygon readers voted for the best design.

Chase Nichole has been announced as the winner, he’s a long time Insomniac fan and Spyro the Dragon was one of the first games he ever played on PlayStation.

Insomniac titles inspired him to pursue a career in visual arts. He was also a breakdancer at one point and wanted to join Cirque du Soleil.

The design he created is dubbed as “Chase Skin” and was voted by the majority of the community. Studio art director Jacinda Chew, described Nichole’s design as “Wu-Tang/Ghost Dog look” inspired by the Japanese films. Just what Insomniac was looking for!

Chew stated:

Sunset Overdrive fashion has three components,” Chew said, “the mainstream fashion, the stuff anyone would wear; street clothing; and costumes, clothing that’s inspired by a culture or event. How you mix and match those is really key to getting the Sunset Overdrive fashion. I think the one thing Chase did really well was he used street fashion really well. It was cool, it was relevant and it was hip. It’s something that you’d want to wear now. That fashion aspect of the design is something that not everybody got.

You can see the Chase Skin in the image above, the skin is in development and will be released later this week.