Star Citizen is About to Get More Expensive for Europe

Do you remember how Star Citizen sold 200 Javelin Destroyers for $2,500 each? While figures like that for an in-game item don’t leave out any doubt about how expensive this game can get; it is going to start weighing a bit more on your wallets.

Cloud Imperium has been handling publishing of the game from the United States so far but now they are opening up a European arm. This means that from February 1, 2015 all the purchases will be subject to an additional charge thanks to the region’s VAT laws.

On one hand, the new publishing arm means more customer support and expansion for the $69 million strong game; but on the other hand it is going to get costlier.

The official website of Robert Space Industries explained the changes in a post while also clarifying that if they wished to expand the services, they had no other option but to let the prices be increased:

The downside of this organizational change is that starting on February 1st, we will be required to charge VAT on all purchases (including digital goods) made through the Roberts Space Industries International website. This means that in the coming days, the effective rate for European backers will go up depending on the VAT rate of their home country.

We wish there were an alternative to charging the tax, but also believe that it is in our best interest to expand Star Citizen’s footprint to a part of the world that has proven to be truly passionate about space games!

Of course the United Kingdom based offices will bring forward community and customer service operations for the regional fans and will also smooth out forex rate fluctuations.

What this means for you is that you should hurry up with purchasing anything that you have been wanting to buy – you are down to the last 10 days before VAT starts applying on everything Star Citizen.