Sony Offering 10% Discounts and Five Days PS Plus Extension to the Users

Due to the annoyance and frustration that was caused to the players during holidays, when both Xbox Live and PSN were taken down, Sony announced that it would be providing PlayStation users with a five day extension of PS Plus and a 10% discount which can be used on the digital store.

There was no date provided for these rewards before, but today, via its official blog, Sony has announced that the 10% discounts will be making its way to the players this Friday. However, the offer is just for the weekend, so the players will have to use the discount code before Jan. 26.

The code can be used on many services available on the PS Store, but Sony notes that not everything will be up for discount. The exclusions mentioned on the blog are “PS Plus, Music Unlimited, PS Now and rental video content.”

The PS Plus members who got affected during the holidays, will receive an e-mail in the coming days regarding the confirmation of five day extension in their subscription.

As mentioned before, the offer is for a limited time only and has to be availed during the weekend, after that, it will expire.

Source: PlayStation Blog