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PlayStation Vita Debut Pack Brings F2P Games, Items, 16GB Card

Japanese fans are going to get a good deal if they decide to purchase a PS Vita one of these days. This is so because Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia have revealed a new bundle for the handheld.

PlayStation Vita Debut Pack is being released in Japan for a price tag of 19,980 yen plus tax – that is approximately equal to $169.

However, don’t think that it is like the usual bundles. This one comes with numerous free to play games! There are three games that you are going to get if you buy this namely Chain Chronicle V, Magica Wars, and Monster Hunter Frontier G.

That is not all, you will be getting item download codes for different titles too, including Monster Hunter Frontier, Chain Chronicle V, Magica Wars, and Phantasy Star Online 2 items.

Items that you are going to get for Phantasy Star Online 2 are A Lancer / Nacht weapon, Toro Evolver and Kuro Evolver.

Wait there is more; if you are a God Eater 2 Rage Burst fan, you will love the theme that it comes with! Oh and to top all that off, you will also get a PlayStation Plus membership for a trial period of 15 days.

The PlayStation Vita Debut Pack comes in three color schemes. There are blue/black or red/black Wi-Fi models or there is a black Wi-Fi and 3G model. A pouch and a 16GB card is also included in the packing.

Previously, we had reported on a Yakuza 0 themed PlayStation Vita that is going to be released in Japan alongside a similarly themed PlayStation TV. Other than that, we had heard how Journey developers thought that a port of their game for the handheld would be “awesome.”

So tell us, does the PlayStation Vita Debut Pack have enough juice to make you spend on it?