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Diablo III Lag is Being Fixed, Blizzard Needs More Info from You

Did the massive Diablo III lag issues disturb your game as well? If that is the case, Blizzard hears you and they are even asking for some assistance from you on the matter.

On the community forums of, a message has been posted on behalf of the developers. It looks like Blizzard’s engineers are hard at work fixing the Diablo III lag issues but they require some help from you to tackle the problem.

Here’s what Omrakos of Blizzard had to say:

We’ve been asked to collect some information for our network engineers on this issue. We’d like to have your trace route info when you trace to We’d also like to see the results when you run our Looking Glass utility to see the return path of the trace from Blizzard to you. Be sure to select Diablo III in the utility. And lastly, please identify your ISP and geographical location in your reply post with the above info.

Reports of massive lags started appearing on the US and European versions of the official forums recently. People were claiming that their game was affected even when they were playing solo – it still needs an internet connection.

As much as a 2000ms lag was reported which would of course mean that the game had been turned into nothing but crap for the players on the receiving end.

People who have been experiencing lag should head to the post linked above and share their results like everyone else is doing.

What is the situation at your end? Have you experienced the lag anywhere other than the US and European regions or is it just these? Share your experience below so that we can stay updated.