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Deus Ex Gets New Dawn Engine; A New Game Too, Please?

Alright while we have nothing sold enough to make us believe that a new Deus Ex game is actually going to be developed for the latest generation of console, there is news that makes us want to hope.

Eidos Montreal have actually made a current generation game development engine for Deus Ex; it is called the Dawn Engine. Now why would they do that if they are not planning on making a game for the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4?

Anyhow, this new engine has been named the Dawn Engine because it denotes “the beginning of a new era…in terms of both ambitions and philosophy” for the developers.

Martin Dubeau, the Art Director and Julien Bouvrais, the Director of Technology at Eidos Montreal were talking to Total Xbox where they added about the Deus Ex series that “the Deus Ex franchise has a very unique art direction, where the ambition is to create an immersive and unparalleled game world.”

They added that while Unreal Engine was easy, it had its limitations. However with the Dawn Engine the intention is that it should be capable of handling whatever the developers try and churn on it.

Both the developers insisted that they wanted the engine to let them “push the limits of our creative vision.” Despite being time consuming and potentially at risk of new troubles, they wanted the freedom that a new engine will give them.

Here are some of the screenshots that were shared by the Eidos Montreal developers.

What do you think of these new screenshots? Also, do you think that this is a strong evidence that a new game in the series is going to be coming our way any time soon?