Destiny Player Builds a Robotic Device to Help Him Level-Up

I have been gaming since the 90’s and that time I had no worries, didn’t have to work and I could play all the games I want, as long as I did my homework.

However, similar to other gamers of that era, I have a job and have plenty of things to worry about. There isn’t much time for folks like me to play games. The only time we get is on the weekends but in games like Destiny, just playing on weekends will take us a while to level-up.

What if there was a way to keep leveling-up, without actually playing the game? There is no exploit available to do this, maybe if the game was released on PC, we might have seen something like that.

However, one Destiny player (yavin four) has figured out a way to level-up without playing the game himself. He has created a mini robot finger like device, which helps him in this purpose.

It’s incredibly simple, he tapped the device to the Xbox One controller and it just keeps pressing the melee button to take down enemies, while our creator is at work.

His character just stands in one place and uses melee attacks on enemies and when the Guardian dies, the same process continues once again, when he respawns. According to Yyavin four, he managed to gain 15-250 xp during a single run.

The process is slow and takes hours to gain just a few levels but it works! For players like me, it can be a handy trick. Now if only I could figure out how to create this thing for myself. You know what could help me out? The video above.