Your Nintendo 3DS can be Region Free, Thanks To a New Exploit

Hackers never quit, do they? Thanks to their efforts, players around the world can play Nintendo 3DS games from any region they like, as this popular handheld can now go region-free.

Smea, the creator of the popular homebrew app Ninjax for 3DS, has come-up with a new exploit to make your 3DS region-free. Which means you can play as many imported games as you want.

With the release of Ninjax, Smea promised that one day this hack will help make the handheld region-free and now, to fulfill this promise, he has introduced this new hack called Regionthree.

To make Regionthree work, you’ll need to download “Launcher.dat” file, place it on an SD card and dump into onto your 3DS.

Then open Download Play app after inserting an imported game of your choice. After this, go back to home but remember not to close Download Play. Open the browser and visit “” and that’s it. Your imported game will load after a few seconds.

If you have any confusion about the process, check out the footage above.

Players should note that this exploit will only work on older models of 3DS, 3DS XL, and 2DS and it goes without saying that you will be using it at you own risk.

It won’t be long before Nintendo takes notice of this and release at update to patch this exploit. But until then, some users will surely make use of this to play their favorite imported games.