Splatoon Devs Unveil A New Weapons Merchant Named ‘Bukichi’

Today, Squid Research Lab took to Splatoon’s official Twitter feed to reveal a new shopkeeper and his goodies.

The newly unveiled shopkeeper is clearly a minion-inspired character called Bukichi who is described as a horseshoe crab in charge of the weapon shop in the game:

This is “Bukichi”, the horseshoe crab who runs the weapon shop ‘Camboulit Arms’. He passionately loves his weapons; a genuine military fanatic. As a result of staying up late every night messing around with the small parts, he has developed extreme short-sightedness. That’s why you should do things in moderation….

Bukichi is reported to be a fan of military-styled weapons and can be found working at The Camboulit Arms. Although he’s extremely polite towards his customers, players will need a ton of experience points to acquire weapons from him:

This is ‘Camboulit Arms’ which deal in weapons you can use in battle. Although known for being polite to the point of being long-winded, it seems they don’t sell weapons to players that would put them out of balance. You’ll need fight lots of battles to get experience in order to gain favor with the shopkeeper so he will sell more weapons to you.

That’s pretty much it about Bukichi and his passion for creating military-styled weapon which also earned him shortsightedness, but you can expect to learn more when the game releases on Wii U in May 2015.

Via: My Nintendo News
Translation By: Streets Ahead