Report: Twitch Rankings Reveal Most Popular Games of 2014

The Twitch streaming platform boasts a user-base of over 60 million and is steadily growing with each month. We’ve come a long way in the past couple of years, from playing games for relaxation to now watching others play instead. It has its own charm.

The EEDAR recently conducted a research into the growth of Twitch to figure out the most popular games right now. The results are surprising and also cater to only North America and Europe alone.

The data for this was collected in the form of views for each game in Twitch’s list of top 100, at every half hour interval throughout Q4 2014.

The series of figures were then aggregated to provide a significant number to portray both numbers of users and their involvement. This ultimately translates into the game’s popularity level.

Several facts stand out from the chart below. League of Legends is unsurprisingly the most popular game in the west right now, and is responsible for 26 percent of traffic on Twitch.

Compared to that, Dota 2 (coming in second place), makes up for less than half of the views recorded by League of Legends and is responsible for 12 percent of traffic on Twitch.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is apparently the fourth most watched game right now, making it more popular than the recent installments of Call of Duty. The game’s recent tournaments and updates probably have a lot to do with why it is getting over a hundred million views per month.

Coming in at fifth place is World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor. Blizzard is back and is looking for blood. The new expansion pack has done it for them.

Where the last three releases saw the total subscription fall down to the 9 million mark, the release of WoD has brought those numbers back up – and the expansion was just released a couple of months ago.

Twitch - Top Games for Q4 2014

Source: GameIndustry