Project CARS Gets “Start Your Engines” Trailer, Doesn’t Fail to Impress

I was highly looking forward to Driveclub but sadly, the game was infested with post-release issues which was very disappointing. I haven’t played Driveclub for months but I hear the game is in a much better shape. However, instead of going to back to Driveclub, I’m putting all my hopes in Project CARS.

The game looks amazing both in terms of visuals and driving mechanics. Developer and publisher Slightly Mad Studios have released a new trailer, to further boost the excitement and anticipation among fans.

The footage dubbed as “start your engines” shows awesome and highly detailed cars, along with a variety of tracks.

Players will have access to over 60 cars, that will offer realistic driving simulation experience. As seen in the video above, players will need some drifting skills as well to be successful on the variety of tracks available.

Project CARS will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on March 17 in US and March 20 in Europe. While the Wii U and Steam OS iterations of the game are coming out on a later date.