No New Areas in The Crew DLC; Movies, Camera Planned for Future

The Crew has a regular fan base that plays the game; the developers know that and they are also working hoard to get you new things to play with. Ivory Tower, the developers were recently talking to Edge Magazine where they shed some light on what they have been up to.

While the first thing that comes into mind when talking about DLCs is new areas to drive in, the developers say that the upcoming downloadable content pack isn’t going to bring any.

Ivory Tower’s design director Stephane Beley say he would “prefer not to add to the world” as “it’s already enough for players.” However, he did say that the future will bring in new areas just not Canada or Mexico.

The developers also discussed some of the new features that they are planning to add to the game in the near future. For example you will be getting a better camera that will help exploration in a much better way. The camera had to be a part of the launch but development took a longer time.

Other than that, you will soon get to make your own movies in the game. Here’s what Beley had to say about the additions:

We have a camera better suited for exploration in the pipeline, but it’s something we’ll update in the future. I had to decide to cut it for launch due to time constraints; development was a long run, and the baby really needed to go! This is really just the start, and we’ll keep updating the community with, for example, an exploration camera and the ability to create movies and things like that.

The Crew was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on December 2, 2014.