New Retro 3DS Themes Coming Later This Week

Nintendo has made sure that its handheld doesn’t fall short of themes. Every now and then, some amazing themes head to 3DS and now more are announced by Nintendo UK.

According to their official twitter account, new themes are coming to 3DS to give this beloved device a retro look.

New themes include Donkey Kong, Kid Icarus and Ice Climber. Themes will be released later this week on January 23rd and will be available for download from Nintendo’s eShop.

The price is yet to be revealed but will probably be around £1.79 or £1.99, as themes are priced between this range by Nintendo.

Nintendo has a number of other themes available for users, you can visit its official website to see the full range. Also, it’s unclear if the above mentioned themes will release in other regions as well or not.

In related news, the new Nintendo 3DS XL is finally heading to the United states on February 13. The handheld will be priced at $200 and will be available in red and black variations.

Nintendo continues to focus on its handheld market even though mobile platforms like iOS and Android, are on the rise. The company continues to release games on handhelds but I believe it can make more profit by releasing games on mobile devices as well.

Would you like to see Nintendo games on mobile devices? How would you feel about playing Mario or Zelda on your smartphones? Let us know of your opinion in the comments below.