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New H1Z1 Update Goes Live, Will Make You Less Hungry and Thirsty

The early access release of H1Z1 has not been a pleasant experience for the users. However, developers are trying make the game as better as possible by releasing updates and make adjustments to the overall experience.

Just recently, devs released an update to make some adjustments to the airdrops and now again, another update has gone live. The most notable change in the latest update is related to thirst and hunger system.

Characters in H1Z1 will now get less hungry and thirsty. In addition, unspecified changes have been made to foraging rules and players won’t get stuck in certain areas of the game from now on.

You can see the patch notes below for details:

  • Changes to loot and item spawn/respawn
  • Hunger and thirst vitals have been decelerated. You don’t get hungry and thirsty as fast now!
  • Dew collectors and rabbit traps should function on live properly now.
  • Battle Royale: Some loot items were blocked from being collected. This has been corrected.
  • Battle Royale: Some messages were being spammed excessively. This has been corrected.
  • Battle Royale: The contents of airdrops have been fixed and now have the appropriate BR style loot
  • Battle Royale: Fixed an issue with the mysterious “crafting ingredient” bag appearing when a player dies
  • Adjusted some foraging rules
  • The houses in Lone Pine Development have had their placements corrected
  • Fixed some areas where players were getting stuck (hardware store, shelves, etc)


SOE has been criticized for its paid airdrops in H1Z1 and contradictory statements by developers. It won’t be easy for SOE now, to get people to trust their word. You can know more about how developers at SOE shot themselves in the foot,¬†here.