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League of Legends Ocean Week to Sink a Statue for Real

League of Legends already has boatloads of fans; but when the boats are loaded full, things get sunk. Don’t worry though, this is good news when it is related to the Ocean Week that Riot Games is holding.

The developers have announced that they will be celebrating the Australia Day and Waitangi Day in the Oceania Servers by holding the event from January 23 to January 30.

During this time you will be contributing points towards certain challenge goals that will unlock rewards for you and the community.

So among the numerous challenge goals that the Ocean Week is bringing, the first and the foremost is for an Artificial Reef. It applies to you if 275,000 points are contributed, here’s what Riot Games had to say about it:

Contribute a tidal wave of points and we’ll create a champion-themed artificial reef that will become a home for sea creatures. If you contribute at least three points before this goal is reached your Summoner Name will be recorded on the statue that gets sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Unlocking this goal will trigger a vote to decide if the statue should be Fizz, Nami or Nautilus!

Other rewards that you get are:

  • 175,000 points – Upgraded Mystery Gifts
  • 130,000 points – Legacy Splash
  • 90,000 points – 4-Win IP Boost
  • 30,000 points – 20 Free champions on rotation

A wave of League of Legends champions is going to be on free rotation for you so that you can be well equipped to take on the challenges of the Ocean Week.

If you are interested in taking part in the event, the official website of Riot Games has a detailed post that has listed the waves of champions, the ways in which you can contribute, the details of the rewards that will get unlocked and everything else you need to know.