Final Fantasy XV Battle System Discussed by Square Enix

Only a couple of days ago we had been told that the Final Fantasy XV demo was not going to bring us a drivable car – that sure was a downer for many.

However, Square Enix has other things to interest us with. For instance, they have started opening up on the details regarding the long awaited game.

Previously, they had shared some new details on features like Camping, Magic and Day/Night Systems. Now they have shed some light on the battle system through Jump Magazine.

While the magazine itself is in Japanese, and I solemnly swear I am up to no good – when it comes to Japanese, Gematsu has translated it and provided us with the gist.

According to the translations, the battle system is going impact the progress based on instant steps that we take. You will be able to control Noctis and repel enemies. We’ll leave the details to you so that you can figure them out yourself:

  • Instantaneous actions change the progression of battle!
  • Make full use your abilities and defenses, evasion and teleporation, and other actions. Control Noctis and repel the approaching enemies!
  • Lower left screenshot: While defending against the enemy attack, fight back with skills that can create your big opportunity.
  • Lower right screenshot: Explore vast areas where enemies both big and small stroll along.

We still don’t know when Final Fantasy XV will be released, but it is being developed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and the developers have really put their best men at work in its development.

I understand that these details are not comprehensive but what do you think of the battle system?