Driveclub Video Shows Goshodaira Racetrack, Mclaren 650S

Evolution Studios have been releasing new videos on a regular basis recently and we received the fifth in the series today.

All these videos have been related to the upcoming race tracks from Japan that are going to be released through the Apex Expansion Pack in a couple of days.

The video in question right now shows off the Goshodaira racetrack in Japan, it was revealed through the official Facebook page of Driveclub where the developers also described the track in a few words:

This breath-taking point-to-point is perfect for us to take the new McLaren 650S out for a little test drive. We’re getting ready to add this car to the PlayStation Store as part of the Apex Expansion Pack, coming Jan 27-29.

It has also been a habit of the developers to show off a car in actin alongside the new racetrack. This time around the car that is being driven on the Goshodaira track is a Maclaren 650S and what a beauty it is!

You might want to check out the last two tracks that were shown off by the developers. So here is Lake Shoji racetrack and the Asagiri Highlands racetrack. Do tell us which ones of these are you going to try out first when they hit Driveclub.