This is How Canis Canem Edit Looks on Unreal Engine 4

Bully aka Canis Canem Edit is one of the favorite games for many gamers out there. While Grand Theft Auto is certainly the game that Rockstar is known for now, many of us would have loved to see how Bully would have lookedon the latest generation of consoles.

Well, we are not sure if that is what the developers have in mind, but one game designer has shown his love for the game in style. In the video above, you can see the boys dormitory environment completely recreated in Unreal Engine 4.

Arthur Wesley, is a prop artist as well as a game designer who has his own website filled with his work and this one his latest attempt. Here’s what he says about the video:

I’ve recreated the boys’ dormitory environment in Unreal 4 to demonstrate my prop art skills as a part of my Masters degree at Sheffield Hallam University. The level closely replicates the original layout in order to maximise its recognisability, but each asset has been carefully redesigned and built from scratch.

Canis Canem Edit was originally released in 2006 but Rockstar has not shared any plans of releasing another game in the series for the latest generation. Check out the video and tell us if you would like to see a full new game.