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Bloodborne Japan-Only Limited Edition Contains A Parka & A Steel Mug

Sony Computer Entertainment has detailed a Japan-only limited edition for its upcoming action RPG Bloodborne, as reported by Famitsu.

Dubbed as the Famitsu DX Pack in Japan, this limited edition will net players a Bloodborne zip up parka (available in four different sizes) and a stainless steel “blood” mug. Designs for both mug and parka are not finalized yet and are still a work-in-progress.

Bloodborne Japan-only LE [1]

Bloodborne Japan-only LE

The Famitsu DX Pack will set players back 12,900 yen as compared to 6,900 yen for a first print copy of the game. The limited edition can be pre-ordered from this very instant from Ebten Japan.

Last month, Sony Computer Entertainment also revealed two limited editions – a Collector’s Edition and a Nightmare Edition – for European players. Both these editions contain premium goodies, never before seen concept art book, complete soundtrack, and much more. However, these editions are only announced for Europe. An announcement for North America is still underway.

Those of you who are still wondering how the game will play out or have any concerns regarding the game’s mechanics, From Software has released a short demonstrative video that outlines all initial tutorials and gives players an idea of the game’s combat mechanics.

All these editions will release alongside game on Mar. 26, 2015 in Japan and on Mar. 25, 2015 in Europe.

Featured Image: [Sony Computer Entertainment]