Street Fighter Mod Brings in Mass Effect Characters

Videogames are awesome, and modding is even better. You know why? Because it is only with mods that you can play with Mass Effect characters in a fighting game.

There is more than one Street Fighter mod that bring in some of the most loved characters from the famous third person series.

Numerous videos have been released by the modders to show off what they have accomplished, but the one we have posted above is the best. It shows how you can play with Captain Sheppard against quarian Tali.

The Street Fighter Mod in question uses Poison’s moveset for Captain Shepard and for Tali it uses Cammy. If you are interested in playing this mod, you can do so on Ultra Street Fighter IV by downloading it here.

That is not all, there is another mod that brings in Jack from Mass Effect, she uses the moveset of Juri. Go here in case you wish to see Jack in action.

Oh and Jack comes with three awesome weapons too! these are M-23 Katana Shotgun, the M-6 Canifex Pistol, and M-98 Widow Sniper. Did that impress you, head here to download the mod for Street Fighter X Tekken.

What other characters would you like to see in one of these mods?