Sony to Close All Retail Stores in Canada Within 2 Months

Sony’s financial struggles are common knowledge as they post billions in losses every year. Just recently, Sony sold its vaio personal computers division and is also looking at options when it comes to its mobile branch.

Sony has now announced, that they will be closing down all of its official retail stores across Canada.The company is going to be closing stores in “the next 6 to 8 weeks.”

However, closing retail stores doesn’t mean that Sony won’t be selling its products in Canada. Sony is encouraging customers to purchase products from third party stores, online or through telesales.

Over the next 6 to 8 weeks we are closing our Sony Stores in Canada and will redirect all of this business through our national network of Sony retailers, our online store … as well as through our Sony-trained Telesales team.

There are 14 Sony retail store in Canada:

1 in Quebec City
1 in Ottawa.
1 Montreal
3 in Alberta.
3 in Greater Vancouver area
5 in Greater Toronto Area

According to a Sony representative, around 90 jobs will be affected by this decision from the company which is highly unfortunate.

Old customers might be concerned about warranty claims and technical support, but they should rest assured as Sony will reach them with details on the matter.