New Driveclub Video Shows Asagiri Highlands Racetrack

We reported yesterday on a video that showed off Lake Shoji Track and Enzo Ferrari, this time it is a new track and a new car!

The new race circuit shown in the video above is Asagiri Highlands Racetrack which is “another one of the five new Japan tracks coming to DRIVECLUB for free next week.” As you can see above, the video shows a lot of gameplay in the five minutes.

Evolution Studios posted the gameplay video on the official Facebook page of the game with a caption that details – among other things – the car that is being driven:

Here’s your first look at one of the three circuit layouts, which we’re driving in the Caterham R500 Superlight – in a duel against the newly improved AI.

According to the developers, the Caterham R500 Superlight is going to be a part of the Apex Expansion Pack which is also slated for release through the PlayStation Store a week after original release.

Driveclub has been in the market since October last year and was recently recognized as the best selling exclusive of the year by Sony.

Have you played it? Do you think you will be trying out the new track or the new car when they release?