Grey Goo Launch Trailer Shows All Three Factions

Petroglyph Games’ upcoming title called Grey Goo has received a launch trailer almost a week before its release in the markets.

Like most of the launch trailers nowadays, it does not show any new gameplay, but the cinematic shown in the video is quite impressive and gives you an idea of what to expect from the main storyline of the game.

The video showcases all three factions that you will be able to take control of in Grey Goo namely Humans, the Beta and the Goo.  In single player campaign, players will only be allowed to play as one of these factions, whereas in multiplayer, you can choose either one and compete against the other factions.

The maps featured in the game’s multiplayer will be quite similar to those of Dota and League of Legends.

The story of Grey Goo takes place in the future, 500 years after the humans first decided to leave the solar system to find new ones. On the other hand, The Beta has fled with their civilization to a brand new planet called Ecosystem Nine.

Finally, The Goo, which were originally developed by humans to help them explore the galaxy, but they have turned out to be the most dangerous species on the planet.

Grey Goo will be available for PC users starting Jan. 23, 2015