Evolve: Turtle Rock Shares More Information on Evacuation Mode

The release of Turtle Rock Studios’ upcoming title, Evolve, is less than a month away and to hype up the fans for the game, the developers have shed some light on the Evacuation Mode.

Fans have been dying to know more about this mode, since the day it was first brought to light. At that time, we came to know that this mode will consist of five days (five rounds) in which either hunters or the monster will take the victory.

Each round win will impact the outcome of the upcoming round in a big way, which makes every single match a must win for both parties.

Today, speaking to The Examiner, co-founder of Turtle Rock studios, Chris Ashton explained the advantages and disadvantages of playing as hunters and the beast.

As a Hunter you can get things like teleportation portals that can be used to move through the environment more quickly. Or a group of AI controlled colonists that will join the Hunters in their fight against the monster. You can get attack drones, sentry guns, med bays, etc. So many cool things.

He continued on to provide the merits of playing as the monster, which of course will be demerits for those playing as hunters.

As a monster you can cause meteorites to fall from the sky and damage the Hunters, you can flood the environment to make it harder for them to move around, you can cause heavy rains to fall which make a LOT more carnivorous plants grow in the environment.

You can make the wildlife mutated and rabid and they will constantly attack the Hunters. The list goes on. All of these effects combine in interesting ways with Hunt, Nest, and Rescue game modes.

I am sure a lot of players will be diving into the Evacuation Mode, once Evolve hits the stores on February 10, 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.