Cities XXL Trailer and Preorder Bonus Shared by Monte Cristo

Have you played Cities XL? If you have, you will be interested in Cities XXL as well – the next installment in the series.

Developers Monte Cristo has released a new trailer showing off some of the gameplay elements of the city builder game and also shared the preorder bonus for those who love the game enough.

One thing is for sure; life in the city is huge with this game!

As far as the preorder is concerned, you can get the game for 20% discount if you pre-purchase it. ALso,if you own a copy of Cities XL, the new game is going to cost you only half of the full price. You may visit their official Steam page to get your copy right now.

If you have not heard of the game or the series before, here’s a part of the official description of the game:

In Cities XXL, you build, develop and manage cities with millions of inhabitants on over 65 huge maps powered by an improved engine; many of the 1000+, unique-looking buildings featuring animated city life, with citizens strolling through the streets.

Cities XXL is being developed exclusively for Microsoft Windows and will release sometime later this year. The developers have not shared a specific release date yet.