Advanced Warfare has a Usable RPG, And It has Been Found

If you have played Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s campaign, you’ll know about the 13th level of the game called Throttle. [Spoiler Alert] You head into Baghdad to capture the antagonist Jonathan Irons.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has been out since November last year and it was believed that pretty much every section has been explored for items or intel. However, Throttle level of the game features something that no one came across before.

AH Community found a hidden RPG in Throttle, this RPG can’t be found anywhere else in the game because it isn’t officially a part of it.

The RPG in Throttle, is actually a glitch which is found on an upper level of a specific building, which is way-off from where you’re supposed to be.

AH Community posted the above video on YouTube, which will guide you if you wish to find the RPG in your copy of the game as well.

The founders note that this RPG is glitchy and completely silent when you fire it. That’s ok I guess, think of it as an RPG suppressor.

When you get close to the weapon in question, a message prompts on the screen which states “hold x to swap Weapon_RPG. Surely this wasn’t supposed to be there and it seems developers forgot to remove it. Who knows, if there are more of these glitch weapons in the game on other maps as well.