Total War: Attila Focuses on Barbarian Hordes in New Trailer

A new trailer released for Total War: Attila puts the spotlight on the Barbarian Hordes.

The six-minute trailer shows us some of the features of migrating groups and gives players a hint of how they’ll be managing these nomadic factions.

According to Creative Assembly, players won’t need fixed settlements in order to improve technology, production or strength in arms. These “effectively carry their towns with them.”

The Barbarian Hordes will have the “encampment stance” which coverts your horde into an immobile camp. Once done, you’ll be able to create structures and order building instructions. This can be done anywhere on the map, giving you the freedom to choose a location advantage.

As the game progresses, the hordes will continue to migrate further south away from the infertile and hostile lands. You can choose to find productive lands or pillage and plunder whatever towns you come across on the way.

Pillaging can be productive but will also destroy any fertility of the land. This can be satisfying in the short run but will bring new threats in the long run.

Total War: Attila is due for release on the PC on February 17. Pre-ordering now will gain you access to The Viking Forefathers Culture Pack, which includes three additional playable factions.