SimCity BuildIt Downloaded By More Than 15 Million People

The PC version of SimCity’s last installment wasn’t the best of games to be honest, but it seems releasing on mobile platforms has brought some luck to this franchise.

Following the release of this game on Android, Electronic Arts released SimCity BuildIt last month on iOS and in three weeks, the game has been met with tremendous success. Since launch, it has been downloaded more than 15 million times, and is now a proud member of the iOS top five free-to-play games chart.

According to EA, this stat means that 500 people are downloading the game every minute and 30,000 every hour. All users combined have played this game for 8,300 years, and EA expressed its excitement about this achievement by saying:

We’re thrilled you’re enjoying SimCity BuildIt, and we’re excited to bring new content and fresh updates to players as we grow and SimCity BuildIt over time.

EA also shared the names of five countries which have the “happiest in-game population.” These countries include Taiwan, S.Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

In real life, only we know how green and planet friendly we are but in SimCity BuiltIt, Mayors have created more than 29 million wind and solar power plants. If only we were that concerned about the environment in real life too, our planet would be healthier.

If you’re a fan of mobile games, this one is a must have title. Gameplay mechanics of SimCity BuidIt are suited for mobile platforms and as I’ve learned, it’s a great way to kill-time.

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