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Resident Evil HD will Come with Cross-Buy for PS3, PS4 in EU

Fans of Resident Evil HD Remake who use a Sony platform must be really pissed these days because first Capcom announced that they will get a cross-buy offer but then the preorder feature wasn’t working in the region.

Capcom has heard you, guys! Rest assured you are going to get a good deal out of it. Whether you are able to preorder the game or not, if you are in European Union and you buy the game from the EU PlayStation Store in the first two weeks of release, the game will come with the cross-buy feature.

The community manger of Capcom, Neil Gortz took to the official blog of the developer with an announcement regarding the compensation that they are bringing forward for the fans in the European Union who haven’t been able to preorder the game and hence get the cross-buy deal.

While you guys aren’t getting to preorder the game, you will nonetheless get cross-buy! Here’s what Gortz had to say:

A number of you have been tweeting the company account asking about info on Resident Evil being available on the European PSN store; well I am pleased to announce we have some news. Unfortunately a pre-order for Resident Evil was not possible on Sony platforms. We are therefore offering cross-buy to anyone purchasing the game via the Sony Store in the first two weeks on sale. Thank you for your patience and understanding on this matter and I hope you enjoy Resident Evil on launch day.

Resident Evil HD Remake is being developed for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC; it releases on January 20.

So , is this compensation enough for not being able to preorder Resident Evil HD Remake? Or Capcom should have done something else?