Puzzle Platformer Shiftlings has Colorful Alien Janitors and an Air Hose

Okay so Shiftlings is probably the most interesting game I have written about today. Firstly, Sierra is publishing the game. Secondly, it features two dim witted alien janitors in the space who work together. What you do is that you shift weight and size between the two and manage to get through puzzles.

Oh and they are coupled with an air hose too.

To top that up, the game looks pretty colorful and, to be honest, fun. you might want to check out the announcement trailer above to get a glimpse of what I am talking about here.

Publisher Sierra is really excited about working on Shiftlings as they believe it is inventive. Here’s what Bob Loya of the publishers has to say about the game.

Shiftlings was the kind of game we immediately knew we wanted to work on after playing it. Rock Pocket’s inventive take on the puzzle platformer epitomizes Sierra’s focus on finding great indie talent within the development community and giving them access to the tools and platforms they need to share their unique creations with the world.

Shiftlings is going to feature a single player, two player, local multiplayer as well as coop.

The game is being developed for PC, PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One.