LEGO Based Mobile Game Being Developed by Nexon

What if I told you that an awesome LEGO game was going to make its way to your smartphone? Also, what if I told you that that game is also going to base on numerous hit aspects of the LEGO world including Ninjago?

Well, all that is going to be a reality soon, thanks to Nexon.

The Japanese game development studio has announced that their South Korean studio is going to be working on a LEGO based mobile game by partnering with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Owen Mahoney the president and chief executive officer of Nexon says that LEGO being the most successful brand is the reason why making a mobile game for the franchise is such a great idea.

Mahoney also boasted that all the fans will enjoy the “unique” experience that the developer is known for. Here’s the full statement:

LEGO is among the most wildly successful and iconic brands of our time, and we are thrilled to be teaming up with TT Games to bring LEGO-based online games to mobile gamers. Players can look forward to the fun and unique game experiences that Nexon is known for, along with the LEGO characters they have come to love. This agreement is the most recent example of Nexon’s ongoing quest for creative, new ideas for great games, both through our own development and by partnering with other creators of world-class IP.

That being said, the LEGO based mobile game is going to be developed for iOS as well as Android – so you need not worry about that. However, it is planned that the game will initially be released in Asia and (hopefully) in the rest of the world later.

You can expect Nexon to churn out the game by 2016.