Hotline Miami 2 – Australian Players Have Permission of Devs To Pirate the Game

Piracy is something that costs this industry millions if not billions every year. Players who choose to just download the game for fre never realize how damaging it is to a developer.

We often see developers taking steps to ensure their games aren’t pirated. One of the most popular tricks is to release the game without an integral feature and add it later with a day-one patch. Pirated copies will never get that patch and the game will be unplayable.

However, have you ever heard a developer actually telling fans to pirate the game? I haven’t, but creators of Hotline Miami 2 has given their blessings to pirates.

Hotline Miami 2 was denied certification by the Australian Classification Board, which meant that the game isn’t going to be available in Australia, unless developers decide to challenge this decision, which it seems they won’t.

Australian fans will surely be disappointed about this but what can they do? According to co-creator of the game, Johnathon Söderströmm, “just pirate it.”

That’s a really surprising statement, which was given in reply to a fan email. Söderströmm stated:

“If it ends up not being released in Australia,” he said, “just pirate it after release.”

“No need to send us any money, just enjoy the game!”

The classification board believed that Hotline Miami 2 has material which “offend against the standards of morality.” Later publisher, Devolver Digital claimed that the board stretched the facts.

The “just pirate it” statement seems like this developer just wants as many players to play and appreciate this game, but I believe piracy is in no way acceptable.

There are ways to get the game by paying the devs even after the ban, but it’s still best if the game is officially available in the region . Hopefully, all this will be sorted out soon.