Hearthstone Designer Talks Recent Nerfs And Future Of The Game

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft was among the biggest releases of last year, and its popularity has been on the rise since its launch day with more people joining in every day.

Almost four months ago, it was reported that the game has managed to attract over 20 million users, and you can expect this number to have increased by a large sum as of now.

The reason for the game being too popular is because the developers are also playing it, and they know what is going right and where the improvement is needed.

In the recent interview with Gamespot, senior game designer Ben Brode discusses how the recently released “Goblins vs. Gnomes” expansion has impacted the overall gameplay.

Firstly, he talks about the recent adjustments that have been done to the Warlock’s Soulfire, Hunter’s Flare, and Gadgetzan Auctioneer.

Brode stated that the auctioneer changes had to be made because it would have worked quite nicely with the recently launched Spare Parts cards, which in the end would have affected the gameplay. He also discussed the changes that were made to the flare as he stated:

We felt people were a little bit getting randomly screwed by Hunter if you had a secrets deck because it was no cost to the Hunter to remove them. Now at least you know that Hunter players need to make a sacrifice with Flare, in that they need to make their deck worse against non-secret deck if they want to keep that advantage over secret decks.

As you can see from the statement, the developers are very much involved in the game themselves. This kind of involvement benefits both the fans and developers.

Brode continued on to provide some information on Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft’s future, as he said not to expect a lot of updates like GvG anytime soon because the developers want the players to first get used to cards that were brought in with the latest expansion.

It’s a delicate balance, and we’re going to try to find a good equilibrium point. We’re still gathering stories and data from players, and we’ll use that to help make sure whatever comes next is as fun and balanced as possible.

Some other tidbits regarding Hearthstone were also shared in the interview, which you can read up on right here.