Evolve Will Have Peer-to-Peer At Launch – 2K Reveals

Whenever a game comes out which puts emphasis on online elements, it seems that developers don’t realize not everyone resides in the United States or UK.

More than often, players who are trying play games online and are close to the servers, experience less lag and connection issues. While others who are a bit far away, are often victims of severe lag and issues.

The good news for players who don’t live in the United States or UK, is that the highly anticipated Evolve will have peer-to-peer.

This should help reduce lag and connectivity issues for players not close to the servers. However, this feature won’t be a part of the beta version.

2K’s representative confirmed the news by saying: “Evolve will have peer to peer at launch but this feature is disabled in the Beta while we’re testing the servers.”

The beta version of Evolve is now available on Xbox One to all users with a Gold account. You won’t need any key, or invite, all you need to do is head to the Xbox Live Store and download Evolve. The game is 20GB in size by the way.

As for players on PS4 and PC, they will get a chance to play this game ahead of its release, but the beta is exclusive to Xbox One.

Evolve comes out on PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 10.

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