Driveclub Video Shows The New Lake Shoji Track and Enzo Ferrari

Sony has released a new video to showcase Driveclub’s Lake Shoji track and the new Enzo Ferrari. As expected, the track looks stunning and will blow you away in terms of visuals.

The new Enzo Ferrari seems to be a decent new edition as well, and is being added as part of the Apex Expansion pack, which is included in the season pass.

Just yesterday, Evolution showed us another new track called Nakasendo, both Lake Shoji and Nakasendo are a part of the 5 new tracks being added in the game for free.

Evolution Studios are yet to reveal a release date for the upcoming update, that will add these tracks. However, the developers stated that more news about a release date along with new details will soon be shared with the fans.

The above video you see was also shared on Facebook by the official Driveclub page. In one of the comments, the developers pointed out a change that will be part of the next update:

Notice how the collision in the tunnel at 1:10 doesn’t have a huge impact on speed?

That change is coming in this month’s update, along with many more improvements, so please keep sharing your feedback with us.

So there you have it, that was all regarding the new track and Enzo Ferrari. As for the free PS Plus version of the game, it’s still without a release date. Check out the video above and let us know what you think in the comments.