Dirt 3 Will Ditch GFWL for Steamworks Soon With Complete Edition Upgrade

Unsurprisingly, Codemasters has decided to have Dirt 3 completely ditch GFWL in favor of Steamworks.

Posting on the Steam forums, the developer apologized for the delay in moving the game’s servers to Steam. While a specific date wasn’t mentioned, he did say that players can expect the switch soon.

All owners of Dirt 3 will be automatically upgraded to the game’s Complete Edition free of charge. In case of Mac owners, Codemasters will also be providing a free copy of the game on that platform as well.

Those with a boxed copy of the game should keep the CD Key safe, for when the game moves to Steam, players will need to redeem their purchase through that key. There was also confirmation for Steam Trading Cards.

A long list of titles have chosen to switch over to Steamworks, following Microsoft’s announcement in 2013 that the Games for Windows Live service will shut down in 2014. In recent months, we have seen the the first two Batman: Arkham titles move over, Fallout 3 has followed suit, BioShock 2, Lost Planet, Dark Souls, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, and more.

Those who remember dealing with Microsoft’s tedious service would be breathing a sigh a relief.

Source Steam Forums