Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin Update Gets Patch Notes

Did you think that Dark Souls 2 was old news now? Well, think again. The game is getting an awesome makeover for the Xbox One version and a similar update for the Xbox 360 version.

Thanks to Bandai Namco games, we now know what that update is going to bring. Guess what is top of the line? A new character!

Here are some of the patch notes that were detailed by the publisher on their official website.

  • Added new character, The Scholar of the First Sin.
  • Additional item description text.
  • Choosing to enter the Covenant of Champions will now allow enemies to continue to respawn after being defeated.
  • Choosing to enter the Covenant of Champions will now cause enemies to inflict more damage to the player.
  • Players will gain access to a new item: The Agape Ring.
  • Increased effect of Rusted Coin.
  • Awestones now dropped more often.
  • The bonfire warp selection screen will now highlight the top three areas where players will have the best change to connect with other players online.

This is just where the patch notes start from. They go on to make changes to how white phantoms work for instance their time in other players’ world is getting increased. Also, the white phantoms are not going to return back to their own world if during a boss battle, the time runs out.

Obviously there are tons of other changes that are coming your way if you are a Dark Souls 2 player. So we suggest that you head straight to the official website of Bandai Namco for the complete patch notes.

Oh and do care to come back and tell us how siked you are about the incomnig update.