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Dailymotion Announces New Game Streaming Platform

Dailymotion is planning to launch a dedicated site to live stream video games, the Wall Street Journal is reporting.

Currently a beta website is live for Dailymotion Games and features a total of 24 titles. The top trending game on the site is without a surprise League of Legends, followed by Minecraft, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Battlefield 4, and Hearthstone.

“Dailymotion Games is entirely dedicated to eSports fans and streamers who come together every evening to form an amazingly talented and gregarious community,” said Dailymotion COO Martin Rogard in a statement. “Over the coming months, we will significantly increase our investment in the eSport domain to ensure worldwide recognition of all our talented content producers.”

According to the announcement, the streaming platform will have partnerships with Eclypsia, Millenium, joinDOTA, OnGameNet, IGN,, and Gamespot for exclusive content once the site is officially launched.

On that note it’s unknown as to when the French-based platform plans on removing the beta out of the name. You can watch the streams right now through a browser or a dedicated app on Android, iOS and PlayStation 4.

At this point, Twitch is the leader in game streaming. It’s popularity caused Amazon to acquire it in August 2014 for nearly $1 billion. Dailymotion is going to have its hands full in trying to carve out a niche for itself.

The platform currently draws 128 million unique visitors monthly for more than 2.5 billion video views.