Destiny – Crota’s End To Get Hard Mode Next Week With New Loot Items

Destiny The Dark Below DLC brought with it a new raid called Crota’s End, which many of you must have finished more than once by now.

However, Bungie wants you to dive back into the raid once again, but this time, your experience will not be too easy, as a new hard mode will be added to it. You will be able to play the Crota’s End raid in the hard mode starting next Wednesday 21st January.

Community Manager, Deej told the players how they will be able to access this new hard mode:

“Access the Raid by selecting the activity in your Director, and choosing the harder difficulty. With the release of Hard Mode, Level 33 is the new bar to clear. Configure those upgrades and get mean.”

Crota’s End Hard Mode will not just raise the difficulty of the raid, but it will also give you a few new loot items. These include the Oversoul Edict Pulse Rifle, Word of Crota Hand Cannon, Abyss Defiant Auto Rifle, and Fan of Ir Yut Scout Rifle.

Furthermore, beating the raid on the hard mode will give you access to Crux of Crota, which is the final piece that is required to upgrade Eidolon Ally or Husk of the Pit to the Necrochasm.

That’s not all though, as you will also be given a new ship called Bane of the Dark Gods. Finally, you will be getting Glowhoo, which is a special color palette for your gear.

If you are still playing Destiny, then you will not get a better chance to gain all of the awesome items mentioned above.

Source: Bungie