Borderlands Online First Teaser Trailer And Closed Beta Date Revealed

Chinese based company Shanda Games in collaboration with 2K announced Borderlands Online just last month, but didn’t reveal any footage or screenshots showcasing how the game will look and feel like.

However, that has changed as of today, as developers have not only shared with us the first teaser trailer, but they have also revealed that date for the game’s first closed beta.

First, let me get to the closed beta, which will take place on January 23. During this beta test, you will be allowed to play the game in the three cities named as Union City, Metropolitan and Howling Town.

The four classes including Mercenary, Dragon, Windhunter, and Firecharming will all be playable. Furthermore, there will be 22 dungeons, separate PvP arenas and a level cap of 36.

Now, to the teaser trailer, which showcases some of the gameplay elements and weapons. Moreover, the video showcases the visuals which are quite similar to the regular Borderlands series. You can check out the trailer in all its glory attached above.

The developers also reveal that Borderlands Online will feature over 2000 weapons, a story dungeon, 5 bosses, weapon smithing and smelting system, and a lot more content.

The game will first make its way to China and after that, it may get a release in the other regions as well.

Source: 2P