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Xbox One Games Must Be Written on DX12 to Benefit, Phil Spencer Notes

The console-war doesn’t really make sense to me, but some people are often seen aggressively trying to prove the superiority of their choice of platform.

Sony has been in the lead and released some games that looked marginally better compared to their Xbox One counterpart. When Microsoft announced DX 12, some believed it to be some sort of “secret sauce” that will magically transform Xbox One into a superior machine.

It is common knowledge that Phil Spencer has a twitter account and his followers will know that he doesn’t often retweet an article, especially if it fuels the PS4 vs. Xbox One debate.

However, just recently he did retweet an article which was written by Brad Wardell. In his article, he explained the difference between DX11 and DX 12, in a simplified manner and Phil Spencer seems to agree with it all.

Brad explained that in DX11, CPU communicates with the GPU one core at time. While in DX12, depending on the driver, all cores can communicate at the same time.

He further writes:

The GPU wars will really take off as each vendor will now be able to come up with some amazing tools to offload work onto GPUs.

DX12 will give Xbox One a boost, but games have to be written on DX12 to show any notable difference, compared to rival PS4. Moreover, by the time Xbox One games fully adapt DX12, PS4 will have an answer of its own. At least that’s what Brad Wardell believes.