Twitch Announces Free Music Library Clear for VOD Broadcast

Streaming service Twitch, renowned for its competitive gaming streams, has revealed that it has a new library of music which has been cleared for VOD broadcast.

The free library has more than 500 songs available for Twitch members to play and listen to with the fear of copyright infringements. Additionally, Twitch has also added a feature that allows independent (unsigned) musicians to broadcast their tracks via the streaming service, and have them used by other streamers in their videos.

Last year, Twitch had implemented its audio recognition system for VODs, which completely muted all videos that contained any kind of licensed music.

The change in policy has been greatly due to the aid of labels such as Mad Decent, Dim Mak, Spinnin Records, Monstercat and Fools Gold, all of which have contributed in Twitch’s free music library.

The VODs restriction policy for unlisted tracks still exists, but the service has no plans to apply the audio recognition technology on live streaming videos – one of Twitch’s most widely used applications.

Twitch was acquired by Amazon for $970 million a few weeks after the audio recognition system was put into effect. It’s fairly safe to say that Amazon’s friendly terms with various labels would have aided in the creation of this free music library.

Source: Eurogamer