Pillars Of Eternity To Launch In March 2015

Obsidian Entertainment has made quite a name for itself due to its incredible work on some awesome games. There have been some mediocre titles as well, but the core concept in all of its games has been impressive.

The studio’s upcoming title, Pillars of Eternity which received a lot more funding than asked during the Kickstarter Campaign has finally received a release date. You will be able to get your hands on the upcoming RPG on Mar. 26, 2015.

If you have been following news, you might know that the game previously received release dates as well, but wasn’t released. However, Obsidian seems pretty confident about March release date this time around.

Pillars of Eternity will feature team-based tactical gameplay. You will be able to form a party consisting up to five companions and their recruitment will be done while you are exploring the game’s huge universe.

The fans have been waiting for quite some time, and hopefully, it will not come with bugs and issues that have become common nowadays in most of the titles.

Obsidian’s 2014 title, South Park: The Stick of Truth provided an amazing experience for both fans of the show and of RPGs, and we expect that the experience of Pillars of Eternity will be as smooth and fun.

The users of Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows will be able to enjoy the game on Mar. 26, 2015.