Limited Edition Yakuza 0 Themed PS Vita and PS TV Coming to Japan

I just hate not being in Japan sometimes. Japanese gamers get some of the most awesome limited editions, which often never see a release outside of the region.

The latest on the list of “cool devices for Japan”, is a limited edition of Sony’s underrated handheld known as PlayStation Vita. It’s not just any limited edition, it’s a Yakuza 0 limited edition. Apart from Vita, PlayStation TV is also getting its own Yakuza 0 edition. Sadly, it’s also Japan only.

Releasing this limited edition on Vita is a bit strange as Yakuza 0 is not coming to the handheld. Still, the game can be played on Vita if you wish, through PS4’s remote play feature.

Moreover, starting February 26, a companion app for the game will be available to download on Vita via the Japanese PS Store. As for the price, limited edition PS Vita can be yours for 20,980 yen, while PlayStation TV is priced at 16,280 yen.

Orders can be played at Sony’s Japanese store but both Vita and PlayStation TV won’t be released till February 26th.

If you are not interested in these limited editions, than not to worry. Previously, Sony has also announced Yakuza 0 themed PS4, to celebrate the launch of the game.

These systems are going to be released in 2 variants, one of them is named Kazuma Kiryu Edition while the other is called Goro Majima Edition. If you wish to know more about these systems, follow the link here.

Yakuza 0 is coming to PS3 and PS4 on March 12 and will only be released in Japan.