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Halo Master Chief Collection Now Has Playlists for Halo 4 and Team Hardcore

Great news for the Halo fans and the owners of the Halo Master Chief Collection! Playlists are finally live in Matchmaking for Halo 4 as well Team Hardcore.

The official Halo Waypoint website recieved an update from the developers who have explained how and where the playlists are going to work. Here’s a piece of the update:

The Halo 4 and Team Hardcore playlists are now available in Matchmaking. Team Hardcore currently includes Halo 2 Classic game types. Halo 3 tournament-approved game types will be integrated in a future update. Other fan favorite playlists are also in the works, including Team Snipers, Team Doubles, an objective-only playlist, and more – stay tuned for details regarding when these will become available as featured playlists.

Moreover, 343 Industries have also reiterated that as it was the case previously, your feedback as well as the data that the developers collect from the playlist is going to be used to figure out which of the playlists are kept and which ones get scraped off.

In the same post the developers have revealed that they are targeting a late weekend release for the next content update. This is because the patch needed some extra testing. The areas that this update is going to focus on include UI, Matchmaking, game-specific multiplayer items and control.

Halo Master Chief Collection has been making it to the news in relation to the updates that it is getting. Only recently Spartan Ops was added to the game. Parallel to that, it was also announced that players will get free content in compensation for the trouble that they have had to face at the launch.

Are you happy with the way Halo Master Chief Collection is shaping up now?