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H1Z1 Survival Tips by SOE are Worthwhile for Early Access Users

Fans of the zombie survival games are going to be all alert for the H1Z1 early access as it is going to kick off tomorrow.

It has been a while since SOE has been working on it so quite a lot has already been shared regarding the game. However, the developers found the need to share some invaluable survival tips, and early access instructions for those of you who are going to take part in it.

Here’s one bit out of a lengthy “Zombie Survival Guide” that relates directly to the kind of a game that you are going to face in the H1Z1 early access phase. It talks about bugs, crashes and the expected changes in the landscape of the game:

Just like any other catastrophic world event, the landscape of H1Z1 will change a great deal as time goes on. Expect to encounter unforeseen consequences. Game crashes and bugs are just a part of life in Early Access, and we appreciate all of your bug reports and feedback! When things do go wrong, rest assured that a team of highly skilled people are working on the problem and will get things up and running as soon as zombily possible. Is that a word? It is now.

Other tips, if listed in a single line are still going to be worthwhile for all of you. For instance, the developers have advised that you should look under every rock, learn who you can trust/ trust no one (even better), build a home and defend it well.

Other than this, they have warned that the “hills are alive” and and that vehicles can be a blessing but a curse too. Last but not the least, you should maintain the latest information ad make sure that your crafting skills are up to scratch.

You may go here to read up on everything in detail.