Dying Light Gets New 3D Zombie Figurine, Details Inside

There is a large community of players looking forward to kick things off in 2015 by playing the hugely anticipated title from Techland, Dying Light.

Just ahead of game’s release, the developers have revealed 3D printable figurine of one of many zombies that players will encounter in the game.

The printer will, of course, just give you a bland zombie figurine, but you can make it look a lot like the zombies by doing some painting. To help you with that, Techland has released a new video which showcases different ways to make your figurine look like an actual zombie.

If you want to add a zombie to your collection, then you will not get a better chance than this one. You can download the zombie figurine from here, and see how the painting can be done in the attached video above.

Dying Light will add a parkour element to the zombie gameplay, as you will be allowed to climb up buildings and perform some incredible kills.

However, to make the experience a bit harder, the game will feature a night time, which will last for just seven minutes, but developers claim that this time limit will be enough to scare even a grown individual.

Dying Light is set to hit the shelves on Jan. 27, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.