Blizzard Rewarding Veteran World of Warcraft Players

In a one last way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of World of Warcraft, Blizzard will be sending a physical gift to veteran players who have been playing the game since the beginning.

According to the developer those who are eligible for the gift have already been contacted by the email address provided in their accounts. These are the accounts that were made within the first sixty days of the game’s release in Europe and North America, and which are still playing to date.

Currently it’s unknown as to what the gift actually is. A screenshot of the shipment order – uploaded by one individual – reveals the package to weigh about 7 pounds.

In such cases, the packages mostly contain an exclusive figurine or statue to commemorate the occasion. Once the players start receiving their packages, we’ll know for sure that Blizzard sent them.

Eligible players in North America will be seemingly receiving their gifts first. Those in Europe will have to wait their turn which might take the month of February. If you’re eligible and your shipping address is incorrect, contact Blizzard with the updated information to make sure you receive the package.

Via MMO Champion